Ghost Isle Beer

Our 10 barrel system is from American Beer Equipment out of Lincoln, Nebraska. The steam-powered brew house is highly efficient and its automated features allows for easy brewing. Our brewery consists of 4 fermenters and 8 serving tanks, giving us the ability to offer a wide selection of styles. As we continue on our journey we plan to dive into the depths of experimentation and create unique beers and flavors to keep it new and exciting.
New Buffalo Pilsner
4.7% ABV    16 IBU

All Pilsner malt creates a biscuit-like flavor, perfectly balanced with an earthiness from traditional German noble hops.

5.4% ABV     27 IBU

Citrus and piney hops up-front. Mild fruit and resinous bitterness, and a strong malt backbone with slight backsweetness and carmel flavor

Wheat Thicks 
Pale Ale 
5.0% ABV     22 IBU
Bready and fruity, hops impart mango, papaya type flavor with flowery, plantish aroma. "Call me when they're Wheat Thicks. Gimmie that whest!"

Stoner’s Paradise
Hazy Pale Ale
5.2% ABV     42 IBU

You asked for it, you got it. This hazy pale ale is packed with tropical hop flavors and aromas but with little to no bitterness. It has a smooth creamy mouthfeel but is light and refreshing. Definitely a porch drinker.

Surf Gardens
West Coast IPA
8% ABV     56 IBU

This heavy hitter is packed with flavor from the classic “C” hops, imparting pine and resin flavors and aromas. A throw-back to the traditional West Coast IPAs that started the whole hop craze.

Black Isle Stout
5.4% ABV     27 IBU

A deep dark brown color with a tan head, this stout boasts a complex grain bill of dark malt that contribute to its bold roasty flavor with subtle notes of chocolate. Northwestern US hops provide a balance of bitter that pairs well with the smooth flavor.

Scarecrow King
Imperial Stout
9.5% ABV     48 IBU

The king of the scarecrows reigns supreme with this Imperial Stout. A thick, full body provides a malty sweetness with notes of caramel and chocolate. There is a roastiness that appears at the end that plays with a mild bitterness creating the perfect balance for this royal brew. A great way to warm up your winter.


Ghost Isle Brewery

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