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Ghost Isle Beer

Our 10 barrel system is from American Beer Equipment out of Lincoln, Nebraska. The steam-powered brew house is highly efficient and its automated features allows for easy brewing. Our brewery consists of 4 fermenters and 8 serving tanks, giving us the ability to offer a wide selection of styles. As we continue on our journey we plan to dive into the depths of experimentation and create unique beers and flavors to keep it new and exciting.

Picture of a pint glass with New Buffalo Pilsner in it.
New Buffalo Pilsner
4.7% ABV      16 IBU

All Pilsner malt creates a biscuit-like flavor, perfectly balanced with an earthiness from traditional German noble hops.

Peach Bum Shopped.jpg
Peach Bum Blonde - 
4.7% ABV      7 IBU
A Blonde Ale is a joy all its own, but a delicate peach flavor elevates this one to a beer that pairs perfectly with lazy summer days. You can drink this peach for hours. 

Pint of Stoner's IPA

Stoner’s Paradise - NE IPA

5.2% ABV      2 IBU

Hazy, smooth, creamy and, most importantly, juicy. Minimal bitterness makes intense fruit flavors the focus of this New England IPA.

Lady Bluebeard.jpg

Lady Bluebeard - Schwarzbier

5.2% ABV      14 IBU

Light-bodied and clean, with a dry, subtle toasty flavor, with a floral hop character.

Pint of Black Isle Stout on railroad tracks

Black Isle Stout

5.4% ABV      18 IBU

A stout drinker’s stout that offers the smooth, full body, hints of chocolate and coffee, and the comforting richness of a beer that can be enjoyed any time of the year. 

Pint of Latitude Change seltzer, on green grass
Latitude Change
6.8% ABV      

A refreshing mojito-inspired seltzer with lime zest and mint. Served with a lime wedge.

Pint of Cruizin' Catilever IPA on bartop
Cruizin' Cantilever - Midwest IPA
7.1% ABV      45 IBU

Yeah no for sure, this beer’s malt backbone is heftier than a crisp West Coast IPA, and its hop profile is herbal and floral. It’s a gosh darn IPA representative of the Midwest. Bright, aromatic, slightly sweet, and always familiar. Ope!

Penelope - Porter
7.1% ABV      25 IBU

Brewed with Dates, Brown Sugar, and Cinnamon.

Rich, dark, and full-bodied, this one has flavors of dried fruit, burnt sugar, and a little zip of cinnamon! Sweet but not too sweet. A wonderful winter brew!

Pint of Surf Garden IPA on the beach, with waves crashing behind it
Surf Garden - West Coast IPA
8% ABV      58 IBU

Full of classic American West Coast hops. Enjoy this ode to the style that started the original hops craze.

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