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We frequently receive questions about Ghost Isle that range in all areas of our business. Thank you for the interest taken in our company and everyone’s desire to learn more about what we do. We want to answer as many questions as possible and try to do so in an efficient and time-effective manner. These questions have become quite frequent so we wanted to make them accessible to you for immediate answers!

Are you dog friendly?

Sorry, service animals only.

Are you kid friendly?

Yes, kids are welcome!

Do you take reservations?

We operate on a first come first serve basis, but we will try our best to

accommodate your party when you arrive.

Do you offer vegetarian and vegan options?

Yes, please view our menu for these options. 

Do you serve other drinks besides beer?

Yes, we offer a variety of wines, ciders, and mixed drinks.

Do you sell merchandise?

Yes, we have t-shirts, koozies, stickers, hats, pint glasses and more!

Do you have automatic gratuity?

Parties of 8 or more will have 20% automatic gratuity.

Do you have any options for take-out beer?

We sell ​32oz crowlers that you are able to purchase and take home with you.

Do you have gift cards for sale?

Yes, our gift cards are a perfect gift for your next up-coming occasion.

Do you have a mug club?

Yes, please view our Mug Club benefits under the Mug Club tab of the website.  


Do you allow private events?

For private events please contact our Event Coordinator at

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